ColorCo MosaicsColorco Ltd. has extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients, including architects, designers, showrooms and artists.  If you have never created a custom surface with Colorco before, we are more than happy to guide you through the process.

If you are thinking of doing a project with us and would like a quotation for your reference, please call or e-mail us to request one.  quotations require the information listed in Steps 1-3, and are always complimentary.

Below are the basic steps outlining the project process.

Step 1: Define the Space

It all starts with a copy of the architectural plans for the space into which the design must be placed.  This gives us the overall dimensions and mechanical specifications of the work.

For projects such as medallions, architectural plans are not necessary.  However, the dimensions of the medallion are required.

Step 2: Graphics & Artwork

Next, you provide a painting or complete picture of the image you wish transformed into tile.  This will act as the master from which our system will produce your product.  Therefore it is important that the image we receive be correct.

We can work from a wide variety of graphic files and artwork, including hand sketches, paintings, photographs, Adobe Illustrator EPS files and CAD drawings.

Step 3: Materials

You can specify any material from your library, or you can request suggestions.  We can look through our own library and draw upon our years of experience to help you choose materials that meet your budget and aesthetic goals.

Step 4: Shop Drawing & Pricing

Colorco staff will create a shop drawing and project pricing.

Please note that if Colorco develops the design, then Colorco will disclose all costs associated with the project and will hold copyright of the designs until the project is purchased by the end user.

Step 5: Shop Drawing Approval & Production

Once the shop drawing is approved by the client, production will begin.

Production time varies depending on the availability of the materials chosen.  The average production time for project completion is between 4-6 weeks.

Step 6: Project Completion &  Installation

Once completed and checked for quality by head staff members, the overall surface is divided up into smaller sections.  Each section is marked according to its placement in the image and includes assembly instructions.  Installation by a professional installer can be completed with relative ease.

Colorco does offer installation services.  Please request a quotation.